The ITHACA Project kicks off

CTAG announces the launch of the ITHACA project (AutomotIon of THe electricAl vechicle ChArging), which aims to develop a safer and more efficient electric vehicle charging process through robotization, in order to facilitate access and use by vulnerable groups.

ITHACA is integrated into the framework of the European SMART4ALL H2020 Project (GA No. 872614), as a winner of the third open call for cascade funding. Its launch seeks to build capacity among EU member countries through the development of self-sustained cross-border experiments for knowledge and technology transfer between academia and industry.

The project is led by the Bulgarian company IKEM and managed by INFOCOM, which will also coordinate sustainability, market and dissemination activities.

CTAG will contribute to the development of a robotic solution for plugging and unplugging the charger, sharing its extensive experience in developing innovations for the Factory of the Future.

The project will run from April to December 2023.