CTAG participates in the conference on Opportunities and challenges of 5G networks


The objective of this conference was to generate a forum for debate around the framework in which the 5G networks will be developed, the impact these networks will have on the Galician society, the challenges for its implementation and the potential of the Galician ICT hypersector to position itself in this emerging technology context.

Francisco Sánchez Pons, Director of Electronics and ITS at CTAG, made an exposition of the 5G specific initiatives of use that are developed in CTAG.

The conference took place at the convention hall of the CINC building of the Cidade da Cultura, in Santiago de Compostela and was organized by Amtega, (association of telecommunications engineers of Galicia).


Meeting at CTAG on 5GCAR: Fifth Generation Communication Automotive Research and innovation project

Ensayo en pista del proyecto 5GCAR
Ensayo en pista del proyecto 5GCAR


CTAG hosts a working meeting on this European Project focused on the use of 5G technology to achieve safer autonomous driving.

During the meeting, on March 21, 22 and 23, the first tests of 5GCAR are being carried out. This Horizon 2020 project, which is within the framework of the 5GPPP programme, started in June of 2017 lasting for 24 months. It has a global budget of 8 million euros.

The main objectives of the project are the following:

  • Developing a 5G global architecture that allows high robustness and low latency connectivity services for V2X safety applications.
  • Providing high precision 5G positioning solutions for vulnerable users and vehicles.
  • Demonstrating and validating the concepts developed, quantifying the benefits that 5G V2X technology can provide in both conventional and autonomous driving scenarios.

CTAG’s participation is focused on the implementation and integration in vehicles of coordination systems for lane joining manoeuvres, cooperative perception and protection of vulnerable users, highlighting their development in the areas of machine vision, data fusion algorithms and connectivity.

The 5G CAR Consortium, led by ERICSSON and made up of 14 companies and knowledge centres, both in the telecommunications sector and the automotive sector, includes the following organisations: ERICSSON, HUAWEI, NOKIA, ORANGE, PSA GROUP, VOLVO CARS, BOSCH, MARBEN, VISCODA, SEQUANS, Chalmers University of Technology, King’s College London, Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya and CTAG.

More information in https://5gcar.eu/

CTAG finished the first round of info days on H2020 Connected Car project

<IMPACT> Connected Car Looking for TOP Connected Car Startups & SMES, apply now

Within the framework of the <IMPACT> Connected Car project, CTAG, as responsible of the Spanish Hub, in collaboration with PSA Groupe, one of the partners of the project, has carried out the first dissemination events.

<IMPACT> Connected Car supports innovative SMEs (focused on products and services for connected car) with up to EUR 60,000 equity free, and offers also technical and business coaching and international promotion.

At the first Info Day at CTAG headquarters on November 28th, companies had the opportunity to hold bilateral meetings with the project team.

For those companies that missed the Galician event, a second customized session was organized in collaboration with ITS Spain at its headquarters in Madrid on December 4th.

The last Info Day of this round, coordinated with PortusPark (Science and Technology Parks and Incubators) in Sanjotec (Business and Technology Center) in S. João da Madeira, was on December 12th, where great interest among innovative Portuguese SMEs has been generated.

In this sense, CTAG is committed to continue organizing new events to reach the largest number of innovative SMEs interested in applying to <IMPACT> Connected Car calls.

Further information at h2020@ctag.com or +34 986 900 300 (ext. 1474)

<IMPACT> Connected Car Meeting
<IMPACT> Connected Car is a project funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union, Grant agreement No. 731343

CTAG organizes an information day about the 1st call for proposals, within the project Connected Car, for SMEs and Startups

<IMPACT> Connected Car Mobilize your connected car company to make an impact

The Automotive Technology Centre of Galicia – CTAG will organise, in collaboration with PSA Groupe and CEAGA, an infoDay about the European project <IMPACT> Connected Car next 28th November.

This project aims to support innovative SMEs focused on products and services for the Connected Car:

  • Up to €60,000 equity free
  • Participation in the #ConnectedCar open space hub
  • World class business and technical coaching
  • International PR exposure

The 1st Open Call will be open until next 10th of January 2018.

Interested entities will have the opportunity to hold bilateral meetings during this infoDay, which will be organized at CTAG’s facilities.

Registration for this event can be requested by sending an email to h2020@ctag.com before 27th November.

Further information at +34 986 900 300 (ext. 1474)


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CTAG coordinates the ITS España course on Automated and autonomous driving

This course, organised by ITS España, took place last October 17 at the Dirección General de Tráfico in Madrid. In addition to CTAG, a number of organisations and companies involved in autonomous driving collaborated, including DGT, INSIA, ASTI, Ferrovial, Here, RACC and Telefónica. The course was coordinated by Francisco Sánchez Pons, Director of Electronics and Intelligent Transport Systems at CTAG.

This was an excellent opportunity to go into detail about the technologies involved in automated and autonomous driving together with outstanding professionals of the sector. The main international initiatives and projects in this field were presented as well as topics on which the vehicle of the future is being built: technologies, legislative aspects, infrastructures, connectivity and validation and set-up. This last topic was presented by Rosa Blanco, Head of the Department of Validation of Electronic Systems, Quality and HMI at CTAG.

Presentation at CTAG of the latest advances in connectivity and autonomous vehicle with Groupe PSA

Last 6 September, CTAG held the Innovation Meeting to present the latest advances in connectivity and the AVA “Autonomous Vehicle for All” programme for the development of autonomous vehicle and associated technical solutions, as well as to know the advances in driver assistance functions (ADAS), already available in the latest launches of the Peugeot, Citroën and DS brands.

Carla Gohin, Director of Research & Advanced Engineering of Groupe PSA participated in this event together with Francisco Conde, Conselleiro de Economía, Empleo e Industria de la Xunta de Galicia; Jaime Moreno, Subdirector de Movilidad de la Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT); Frédéric Puech, Directeur Pôle Ibérique of Groupe PSA and Luis Moreno, General Director of CTAG.

In the course of the Innovation Meeting, progress in the different lines of cooperation between Groupe PSA and CTAG was reviewed: human-machine interface (HMI) for autonomous, intelligent and connected vehicle; and innovations in cooperative systems and new interior architectures for advanced comfort. In addition, a visit to the laboratories associated with these lines of work was carried out, including CTAG’s Innovation Centre in Electronics.

Innovation Meeting highlighted Groupe PSA’s commitment to Spain in matters of R&D through the innovation collaborative ecosystem developed in Galicia in collaboration with CTAG and the support of the Xunta de Galicia.

CTAG awarded as Technology Centre of Reference for the development of ITS Systems

CTAG’s strong commitment to the development of automotive electronics and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous vehicle and connectivity has been publicly acknowledged during the XVII Spanish Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

This congress, organised by ITS España, was held in Madrid from April 25 to 27, 2017. Among the participants were many organisations, personalities and experts related to the transport sector, the new mobility concepts and new technologies applied to the vehicle.

A large number of papers were presented during the event by organisations such as the DGT, local governments, universities and large infrastructure companies. Galicia had a very significant participation led by CTAG, which presented a paper on the Autopilot project, in which PSA and Vigo City Council also participate. CTAG was awarded the “ITS en el Vehículo” prize, in recognition of its consolidation as a Reference Technology Centre in Europe for the application of ITS in the automobile.

In this way, CTAG has been recognised for the work undertaken since 2005 in research, development and innovation projects focussed on intelligent transport systems.

Ponencia de Francisco Sánchez en el XVII Congreso ITS España

The ecoDriver project comes to an end

After more than four years of activity, the ecoDriver project has published its preliminary test results of 9 different assistance systems for eco-driving, in which 170 drivers participated in seven European countries, both in controlled and real driving conditions.


The objective of the ecoDriver project is to develop the most effective feedback system (HMI) to get the driver to adopt a green driving behaviour in vehicles equipped with the project developments. The ecoDriver systems take into account vehicle data and environment and, based on these data, they perform energy calculations to recommend to the driver the optimal point, in order to drive as efficiently as possible. These recommendations are based on the optimal speed profile in each situation, gear shift, and behaviour generally based on the anticipation of the road circumstances.

The targets of the project are to achieve a significant reduction of fuel consumption, increase driving safety and reduce emissions of polluting gases.

CTAG’s role in the project

CTAG played an important role in the ecoDriver project, participating in most activities. In the development phase CTAG contributed to the energy rating system, foundation of the Full ecoDriver System (FeDS) for the calculation of the recommendations to the driver, and developed fully the programmed HMI on an Android Samsung Galaxy Note 2 device. The following image shows an example of the interface designed and programmed in the final version of the FeDS, presented at the final event held at the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart last March 17, 2016:




CTAG led the development of this HMI application defining its final design, behaviour and operation logic, both for the first version, used during the road tests, and for the final version presented at the final event. Besides, CTAG directed all the planning, design and development of the road tests conducted with the systems developed by Daimler, BMW, FIAT, TomTom, CTAG and Ifsttar in seven European countries.

CTAG performed tests, both during the design phase and the testing phase, in the driving simulator, in Vigo and its surroundings (urban and interurban areas and highways) and on the recently built private test track.

In order to obtain the final results CTAG made a central server available to the project, where all the data collected during the tests were stored and managed. In addition, CTAG developed the tools to manage these data, generating the necessary indicators to evaluate the results.


Average speeds in free driving are reduced around 3% when driving maintaining cruising speeds, and acceleration and deceleration intensity are reduced by 6%.

Regarding the main objective of the project, fuel reduction using the ecoDriver system was reached in figures between 13% and 20%, depending on how the driver followed the recommendations proposed by the system. As a result of this gas emissions were significantly reduced.

This project, with a consortium of 12 partners (BMW, CRF, CTAG, Daimler, ERTICO, IFSTTAR, IKA, Simotion, TNO, TomTom Telematics, Université de Leeds et VTI) was co-financed by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.

For more information please visit ecoDriver Project


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DESERVE project’s last General Assembly held at CTAG

The last General Assembly of the European Project DESERVE (DEvelopment platform for Safe and Efficient dRIVE) was held at CTAG at the end of September with representatives from 14 of the 25 partners involved. Topics like the last work packages to fulfil, dissemination activities and the preparation, organization and agenda of the Final Event were discussed.

In addition, DESERVE partners are preparing the publication of a DESERVE book with the title “Towards a common software/hardware methodology for future advanced driver assistance systems- The DESERVE approach”, including lessons learned and results extracted from the project as a great dissemination action.
After almost four years’ work, the European Project DESERVE approaches its end with a delay of 6 months over the initial timeline. The project will end in February 2016.
CTAG is involved in this project since its beginning in 2012. The project aims at the design and implementation of an ARTEMIS Tool Platform based on the standardisation of the interfaces, software reuse, development of common non-competitive software modules, and easy and safety-compliant integration of standardised hardware or software from different suppliers.


DESERVE Platform should be capable of running different driving assistance system functions, flexible enough to run more than one function and scalable in order to reduce costs as much as possible and to tailor it depending on the final usage.

The project is divided in 8 subprojects. During this time, CTAG has collaborated in different work packages within 5 of these subprojects (in some of them the collaboration is still ongoing), and led the development in work package 4.3 in order to provide a vulnerable road user protection function vision based.
This project is being co-financed by the Junction Union through ARTEMIS and the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

ArtemisLogo emblema EUGobierno de España. Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo


At the tenth edition of the Barcelona International Motor Show Awards, CTAG, Automotive Technology Centre of Galicia, is one of the winning companies of the awards given to the best Innovations in Car Connectivity.

O Porriño, 8th May 2015.- The first prize awarded to CTAG, today, Friday, 8th May, belongs to the Car to Car category, focusing on communications between vehicles to improve their safety. CTAG is rewarded for the work performed within the SISCOGA project (Galicia Cooperative Systems), a smart cooperative corridor that integrates more than 100km on interurban roads in collaboration with the DGT and urban sections in collaboration with the City of Vigo. The objective of this permanent corridor, opened in 2011 and pioneering in Europe, is to conduct operational tests on new car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication systems.

This corridor is used in research projects, Field Operational Tests, and cooperative systems development and set-up projects and has become one of the test sites for vehicle-infrastructure communication of reference in Europe.

This corridor is currently part of two European pilot projects supporting the market deployment strategy of this type of technologies:

  • Compass4D, which aims to improve safety and energy efficiency for sustainable mobility in urban environments, especially in intersections http://www.compass4d.eu/
  • CO-GISTICS, which analyses how to improve truck logistics in cities in terms of energy efficiency using cooperative systems. (Help at intersections, recommendations to reduce CO2 emissions and facilitate truck parking) (http://cogistics.eu/)

The Barcelona International Motor Show Awards, with about thirty candidates, also rewarded Redbend and Grupo Volkswagen-Audi España for their innovations in vehicle connectivity. The aim of the awards is to promote innovation and excellence in the automotive industry by encouraging the automobile as an efficient, affordable, safe and sustainable means of transport.

Siscoga 1er Premio otorgado a CTAG en la categoría Car to Car